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#1st52: The Massachusetts Edition

My Town Tutors is currently reflecting on who our #1st52 twitter accounts would be if we were to start all over. In making our first choices, we believe it is important that “We Take Care of Our Own!”
The following is a list our our #1st52. It is based on the idea, “If I were to start all over on twitter, with what I know now, who would I follow and why?” This is the Massachusetts Edition, so there certainly is a biased.
Here is our 1st ten! We will be adding more in the upcoming weeks.

  1. @divstrong Top 10 Reasons DivStrong is Our #1: #1st52
  2. @BCHigh10 Reasons Why BC High is Our #2 Twitter Account
  3. @massteacher33 Reasons @MassTeacher is a #1st52 Account
  4. @onefundFollow @OneFundBoston #1st52 Twitter Account
  5. @PragmaticMomPragamatic Mom: 10 Reasons We Love @PragmaticMom
  6. @MassPTA30 Reasons @MassPTA is an Perfect for Parents
  7. @NormandinBill5 Reasons @NormandinBill is a Great Account for Education
  8. @PatrickMLarkin5 Reasons to follow @PatrickMLarkin
  9. @thetrusteesThe Trustees Reservations: Great Massachusetts Holiday Hikes
  10. @DeanCollegeDean College: 5 Reasons to Discover the “Dean Difference”