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We have searched the internet for some of the best March Madness / Final Four Quizzes.Test your knowledge below or complete some of these interactive trivia games.
ESPN Final Four Trivia (10 questions)
Test your Final Four Trivia (10 questions)

  1. What popular move was banned from college basketball in 1967, to be reinstated in 1976?…  The slam dunk
  2. 2. Who is the the all-time leading NCAA Division I scorer?… Pete Maravich
  3. Where was the first NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament held?… Patten Gymnasium
  4. What school did NBA great, Larry Bird, play for in the NCAA?… Indiana State
  5. What was the first team in NCAA Men’s Basketball history to start five African-American players?… Texas Western
  6. Which school’s father-son (coach-player) duo “drew” up a great last second play to beat Ole Miss in the opening round of the tournament in 1998?… Valparaiso
  7. Which 15th-seeded underdogs upset No. 2 seed, Arizona, in 1993?… Santa Clara
  8. What name did Arkansas give to its pressure defense style during the nineties?… Forty Minutes of Hell
  9. Which team won ten out of twelve Titles from 1964 to 1975?… UCLA
  10. What team won two consecutive Final Four Titles in 1991 and 1992, the first to do so since 1973?… Duke
  11. What year saw seven players from the Final Four get drafted into the NBA?… 1996
  12. Which 1980 team was known as “the Doctors of Dunk”?… Louisville
  13. What team shares second place with Duke for most consecutive Final Four appearances after UCLA?… Cincinnati
  14. What non-sports related event led to the elimination of a 3rd place game in the Final Four?… The Reagan Assassination Attempt
  15. Who is the only coach to win both an NCAA and an NBA title?… Larry Brown
  16. What do the 1985 Villanova team, the 1988 Kansas team, and the 1983 NC State team have in common?… They are the only teams seeded worse than fifth that won the NCAA title.
  17. What is the only team to have scored over 100 points in a final?… UNLV
  18. What player scored the most points in a Final Four game?… Bill Walton
  19. What team was No. 1 seed three years in a row in the 1980’s without winning a single game?… DePaul
  20. What early NCAA championship team was nicknamed the “Tall Firs”?… Oregon
  21. Who was chosen NCAA Player of the Year in 1985 despite averaging only 14.6 points per game?… Patrick Ewing
  22. Which player earned Final Four MVP honors in 1983 despite playing for a losing team?… Hakeem Olajuwon
  23. What was the first conference to have three teams in the Final Four?… the Big East
  24. What was the first NCAA Men’s Basketball championship team to finish the season undefeated?… San Francisco
  25. Whose famous NBA rivalry with Larry Bird began in the 1979 NCAA Final Four?… Magic Johnson
  26. In 1989, Seton Hall’s star player was Andrew Gaze. What country was he from?… Australia. The Pirates got on a hot streak that year, and rolled all the way to the Final before losing to Michigan in overtime.
  27. Who broke UCLA’s streak of seven consecutive National Championships in 1974?… NC State
  28. Who was the coach of the 1983 NC State Championship team?… Jim Valvano
  29. What was the nickname of the 1983 NCAA Runner-ups University of Houston?… Phi Slamma Jamma
  30. What was the motto of Jim Valvano during his teams championship run (30 for 30 titled it’s documentary after this slogan)?… Survive and Advance
  31. Since the year 2000, which team has made the most Final Fours?… Michigan State has made 5 Final Fours since 2000 (2000, 2001, 2005, 2009 and 2010). However, the Spartans have only one title (2000) and one runner up finish (2009).
  32. Which of these teams has NOT made a Final Four: UNLV, Tennessee, Michgan, Arkansas?… Tennessee
  33. Which was the only year to feature all four #1 seeds in the Final Four?… 2008
  34. Which city hosted the 2010 Final Four?… Indianapolis
  35. What is the lowest seed to ever make a Final Four?… Twice in the history of the NCAA Tournament has a #11 seed made the Final Four. Since seeding began only LSU (1986) and George Mason (2006) have done it as #11 seeds.
  36. Which of these schools have NOT made a Final Four: Kentucky, Auburn, Maryland, Michigan State?… Auburn
  37. Which of these cities has hosted the most Final Fours: San Antonio, Tampa, Los Angeles, Kansas City?… Kansas City has been the site of 10 Final Fours
  38. Which coach has more Final Four appearances than any other?… John Wooden
  39. Which school has made more Final Fours than any other?… Both North Carolina and UCLA have made 18 Final Four appearances. However, UCLA’s 1980 appearance was vacated due to ineligible player allegations, which actually gives them 17 recognized appearances.
  40. Which school made three consecutive Final Fours in the 2000s?… UCLA made three straight Final Fours from 2006 to 2008. The Bruins never won the title though.
  41. Which was the last team to enter the Final Four undefeated?… UNLV 1991
  42. What is the only team to beat all #1 seeds in one tournament?… Arizona 1997 NCAA Champions
  43. What conference was the 1st to have 3 teams in the Final Four?… The Big East in 1985
  44. How many coaches did UCLA have between Wooden and its next title team in 1995?… 5
  45. How many times did UNC Coach Dean Smith reach the Final Four before winning it?… 6
  46. Where does Kansas rank in Final Four appearances?… 4th behind UCLA, Duke, and North Carolina
  47. How many times have Number 1 seeds played for the title since seeding began in 1979? … 5
  48. What is the lowest seed to win the NCAA title?… #8 seed Villanova 1985
  49. What is the highest sum of seeds to play in a championship game?…  15. 2014 #7 UConn vs. #8 Kentucky. (The previous total was 14.)
  50. What country singer who is the front man for Hootie and the Blowfish sang the 2014 National anthem for the Championship game?… Darius Rucker