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The following 64 accounts will compete in a March Madness tournament to see who will be #1! The math-ups will be announced soon!
Check out the full descriptions of the twitter accounts here.
First Four Results
1st Round Results
The South
#1 @shannonmmiller vs. #4 @cybraryman1
#10 @Tolerance_org vs. #11 @ncarroll24

The East
#1 @AngelaMaiers vs. #4 @TeacherSabrina

#3 @LAFund vs. #7 @ipadSammy

The West

#1 @coolcatteacher vs. #4 @burgessdave

#2 @rweingarten vs. #3 @patrickmlarkin

The Midwest
#4 @NMHS_Principal vs. #8 @TeacherCast

#2 @ShellTerrell vs. #11 @NCTM

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