The 2014 Massachusetts March Madness for Teachers is being sponsored by My Town Tutors. Our Goal is to be the #1 tutoring resource in Massachusetts. It is FREE for parents to search for a teacher in their area. During our March Madness, teachers who tutor can register for just $3.14 with an opportunity to make up to $5,000 tutoring.
Each day this year My Town Tutors is identifying useful twitter accounts for Massachusetts teachers. Based on the order of our selection, we are going to have a Massachusetts March Madness tournament to identify the 2014 Connected Educator of the Year. Click here for full twitter bios of all 68 participant
We also have a national bracket of national connected educators! Click here for the latest results of our National March Madness for Teachers!
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Seedings and match-ups
Massachusetts First Four Results
Massachusetts 1st Round Results
Massachusetts 2nd Round Results
The South
#1 @patrickmlarkin beats #11 @sguditus 62 – 52.

The East
#7 @sowma beats #4 @MassPTA 60 – 54.

The West
#2 @SimplySuzy beats #1 @AngelaCristiani 64 – 63.

The Midwest
#8 @Akee123 beats #2 @mytowntutors 75 – 72.