The following terms are taken from

All-mystique: inconsistent
Blender: an unselfish player
Bringing a W: getting a win
Cream Puff Delight: coach who plays an easy schedule
December: ZZZZ time because teams have been loading up on patsies
Diaper dandy: sensational freshman
Dipsy-doo Dunk-a-roo: flashy slam dunk
Dishes the rock: passes the ball
Doughnut offense: team without a center
Dow Joneser: up-and-down, inconsistent player
Drillin’ Reggies when they need Pete Roses: taking long shots when they need short shots
High Riser: good leaper (see Skywalker)
Human Space Ship: big player
Isolation Man: great one-on-one player
Key or Engine: the player who leads the team
Knee-knocker: close game
M&Mer: a mismatch
MIAer: player who disappears
Mr. Pac Man: eats you alive on defense
N.C.: no contest
Perimeter J: a jump shot
P.T.: playing time
P.T.P.: a prime-time player
Prime Time: good basketball, what people pay to see
Q.T.: quality time
Shoots the area-code J: shoots from long distance
Skywalker: good leaper (see High Riser)
Slam, Bam, Jam: an impressive slam dunk
Space Eater: big guy
Strawberry Shortcake: NCAA tournament time, when the underachievers get their just desserts
Surf and Turfer: superstar
3-D Man: he drives, he draws, he dishes
Times Square: playing slow-tempo
Trifecta: three-point basket
Indianapolis Raceway: up-tempo
Wilson Sandwich: what you get when your shot is rejected in your face
Xs and Os: used to explain strategy