During the week, please learn to identify this letter, it’s sound, and formation. At home please make a list of words that begin with this letter.

Also, identify the high frequency words “the” and “a.”

Letter M

  1. Look up at the sky. Do you see the moon?
  2. Tell your Mommy you love her.
  3. Move like a monkey.
  4. Drink your milk please.
  5. March to your favorite music.
  6. Make a funny face in the mirror.
  7. Mooooooooo like a cow.
  8. Dance the Marcarena with Mommy.
  9. Act like a monster, but only for a few minutes.
  10. Cut our some pictures of an old magazine.
  11. Squeak like a mouse.
  12. Write the word mom.
  13. Name an animal that begins with M.

This lesson was taken directly from the homework assignments of a Massachusetts kindergarten teacher.
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