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Author Bio: Jack Tyler has been heading the department of London graduate schemes for over a decade. He has interviewed many aspirants during his tenure

Tips To Evade The Brain Teasing Questions In London Graduate Schemes Interview

A graduate recruitment scheme is a key to achieving a career goal for students. Many organizations have these schemes for recruiting graduates to their payroll. Initially these starts as a training program, but gradually, these students get absorbed to these companies. These schemes serve as a bridge between the academic world and professional world. Organizations seek for candidates, who have good academic qualification and have the ability to work in the respective world but do not have the necessary skill to do so. These schemes are of duration two to three years. It is a rule of thumb to apply for these schemes well in advance. At times, you need to apply one year prior to the commencement of the training program.

Evaluates your skill

London graduate schemes give a competitive edge to candidates while pursuing a job. It is seen that only 12 to 15 percent of graduates are admitted to these courses. The interviewers follow strict and thorough interview procedure, to enroll these students. Often they adopt brain teasing questions that are aimed to assess the analytical and problem solving attitude of candidates. They gage your logical thinking and reasoning power. They evaluate the following areas like

  • Problem solving attitude

  • Ability of critical thinking

  • Creativity

  • Analytical skill

  • Aptitude to work under pressure

Approach to be adopted

Interviewers are generally interested in the attitude of the candidate rather than the actual answer of the question. The approach that you should adopt while answering these questions in the interview of London graduate schemes are:

  • Do not answer immediately, take few moments to think and then answer accordingly.

  • In case, you lack clarity regarding the question it is important to get it clarified from the interviewer.

  • While answering, you need to mention the steps that you would take to solve the problem and answer the question. It is your approach that matters, so emphasize on it.

Do not be frustrated

There are few strategies that you can follow, during the interview procedure, to give a viable answer to these questions. Often interviewers allow candidates to take a pen and paper for the interview process, so you can seek help of those. Never be frustrated with these questions because they seem to be irrelevant. Just take a deep breath, be calm and answer these questions accordingly. If you have any questions, then ask the interviewer. It is not a grilling session but a conversation, so you need to be comfortable during the process.

Tips to follow

Preparation prior to the process of the interview is a key to cracking the interview filled with brain teasing questions. It is important to answer these questions well as admission to London graduate schemes depends on it. Few tips that can help you to answer are:

  • Never give generalize answers.

  • Utilizes different methodologies that are available to answer these questions.

  • Communicate your thoughts properly, so that the interviewers understand your method of solving the problem well.

  • Be comfortable while answering the questions in interview.

  • Most importantly, you need to know what the company does and how you will fit into the structure of the company.

During an interview, the employers look for candidates those are competent and are suitable for their organization. In an interview, your appearance, motivation level, confidence is all are taken into consideration. So it is important to dress properly, maintain eye contact with the interviewer and maintain a cordial smile always. Interview is no daunting task. Following few tips can help you to answer the brain teasing questions well. Planning and preparing for interview well in advance makes the process easy. Your ability to adapt to the dynamic environment of the organization and to work in a team is all assessed in these interviews. It is also your chance to know about the organization and the scheme.