September 12, 2012 By Adrienne Albregts Leave a Comment
We just launched a national video contest called the “Ideal Learning Environment Video Contest,”and we are giving $10,000 to the student, teacher, or parent (or guardian) who can — in three minutes or less — show us what his/her ideal learning environment looks like. An additional $5,000 will go to the winner’s class or nonprofit educational organization.

click to watch our video and get inspired to create your own! 

Why are we launching this contest?
Because every learner is different. People learn differently because their interests are different, and their capacity to absorb and retain new knowledge varies. Similarly, each teacher is unique and brings different passions, interests, and talents to the classroom to help students unlock their potential.
In short, learning is personal.
So, that’s why we are doing this contest – to get additional insight and ideas from students, teachers, parents and others interested in transforming our educational system by creating the ideal learning environment for each and every student. We’ll share these ideas with experts and educators around the country to create a dialogue and discussion about how we as an industry can implement personalized learning solutions that make learning and career success inevitable for each and every student.
If you or your students or child are interested in submitting a video to this contest, please visit the Compass Learning Facebook page for details and rules.