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“Someday I Will”
(lyrics for AZ Lyrics Website)

I see a white sail
skipping cross a blue bay
and I say Someday I Will
I see a young man
strumming on a green guitar
and I say Someday I Will

I don’t have a plan
It’s not that kind of thing
I’m not Martin Luther King
I don’t have a dream
It’s just sometimes I know
That’s the way I’m supposed to go
I see a flying boat
and I get a lump in my throat
and I say Someday I Will
So whatever thrills you
Anything you love to do
Just say someday I will
Don’t need to know who
May help you make it come true
Just say someday I will
Don’t have to work it all out
Don’t have to tear it all apart
All you need’s a place to start
And if it never worked before
Try it just once more
That’s what your heart if for
Whether it’s big or small
If you have a passion at all
Just say, someday I will
Someday I will