In retirement, I devote my time to helping my fellow educators acquire quality professional development and enroll in Initial and Professional Licensure programs, as well as, Masters Programs. Jenmarc, in partnership with Endicott College, offer these programs which are both highly respected.  So if you’re Thinking of enrolling in a Master’s Program, renewing your Professional License, moving on your Initial License, check out Jenmarc.  If you’re Thinking about teaching a regular subject (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Art, Music, etc.) in a Massachusetts public middle or high school and need an Initial License, then again, Jenmarc can make it happen.
Graduate Credits and Degrees are earned through Endicott College. Online and Onsite Professional Development and Content-Area courses are offered in addition to a wide variety of Master Degree/Licensure Programs: Athletic Administration, Early Childhood/Elementary Education with Initial & Professional License, Secondary Education (5-12) with Initial License available in 21 Subject Areas, Reading & Literacy with Initial License available, and in Special Education (Moderate or Severe Disabilities) with Initial License available.  Look into Jenmarc’s Certificate Programs in Coaching & Sports Psychology. NO TIME to THINK – TIME to ACT.   CALL: 508-586-3574 or visit

Gary Gilardi is the Director of Program Marketing for Jon L. Jenmarc, Inc., Consultants in Education. He also works as a Professional Development Consultant for the Massachusetts Teachers Association. He was a music teacher for 21 years and later retired as a Guidance Counselor.
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