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Writing Advice for College Students
All children deserve a happy, safe, and loving childhood.  Unfortunately there are children who have never experienced that.  They have endured abuse, trauma, and neglect.   But despite all of those challenges, there is promise.
David was not a typical five year old when he came to Italian Home.  He came from an abusive adoptive family and was extremely distrustful of others, preventing him from forming lasting relationships. He was physically aggressive towards men and had a tendency to hit and bite others. David needed love, support, and a chance to change his life.
Our clinical staff used play therapy to help manage his feelings and control his behavior.  With an individualized education plan, David became motivated and excelled at school.  He learned how to open up and trust others and verbalize his feelings without lashing out.  David made incredible progress here and recently left the Home. He now lives with his foster family who give him the love, confidence, and stability that he so desperately deserves.  We are thankful that David responded so well to treatment and found a loving and safe home.
It is recently discovered that David’s foster family has plans to adopt him.  With the support of this caring family, David’s story of promise is now a reality.