It is always good to have someone besides you who could help you with learning. No one is omniscient. We all need to follow instructions or write something, and there is nothing wrong if we hire a tutor for ourselves or for our child.
What a Student Needs

According to educational staff at Essay Task, students often need someone to have their job done for them. They use someone else’s essays, translations, even poetry, in order to satisfy the strict requirements of their teacher. In our era of globalization, school education has become a trivial experience. Students today live in a media-saturated world, with various sources of information. They believe that they do not need education, but just a practical experience. A school looks more and more like a huge manufactory, which produces uniformed minds, and not real citizens, not human beings who could think critically and judge reasonably all that happens around them. In short, for most students only the grades are important. It is not their fault, but rather it is a result of misguided policies in the field of education. External recognition is enough. Knowledge, the essence of education, lacks importance.

An important consequence is the increasing demand for private teachers. Parents often see them as saviors from the boring school atmosphere. They think that a tutor can motivate their children, which is a completely wrong conclusion, because motivation is a combination of various factors, and the personality of the teacher is only one of them. But let’s see what a tutor can do.

What a Tutor Can Do for a Student

Not so much, to be sure, if the student is forced to attend private lessons. But if he/she is motivated, a tutor could provide him/her with confidence and useful instruction about how to deal with the lessons in school, how to use his/her skills in order to learn easier, etc.

Of course, a tutor should be an expert in his field, and should also have some experience in individual teaching, because the process of education in school is entirely different from the one at home. Often students feel more comfortable when they learn alone, without fear of being ridiculed. It might be a good reason to hire a tutor, but it is not enough. A more serious reason would be to catch up with his/her classmates (if the student in question is far behind his classmates), or to develop his/her special skills that couldn’t be enhanced through the process of formal education in school (especially if we speak about talents in the field of art, natural sciences, music, etc.). In brief, a tutor is recommended when the student isn’t at the required level of education (he/she is either below, or above it).

Ethics of Tutoring

It is very important to have honest relations with your tutor, or the tutor of your child. A self-respecting tutor would stop private lessons if the results are not satisfactory. Also, he/she would tell you if there is any point in tutoring. For example, if the student doesn’t show any progress in learning Maths or Science, a tutor should communicate it to his/her parents in order to avoid future misunderstanding. In such a case, don’t try to hire another person. Just talk with some teacher from school, or with the counselor. They will suggest what to do. Therefore, listen to pieces of advice of the experienced people in the educational sphere – it could save you not only money, but also a lot of wasted efforts.

Some Questions

Don’t worry if you, or your child has problems in school. Don’t hurry up with hiring tutors. Consider such an option very carefully, while asking yourself the following questions:

1) What is the point of attending private lessons?

2) What are its goals?

3) How long should it take?

4) What if the results are unsatisfactory?

And the most important one:

Do you (or your child) have the motivation to attend private lessons? Because if you rely on the tutor, that will lead only to disappointment. The process of education has two basic elements: a teacher and a student. Knowledge couldn’t be merely put in the head of the student. Only motivated students are successful in gaining knowledge through private lessons. Remember it and try to follow this advice. It is all up to you! is an educational resource for students providing examples of essays and term paper samples to be used as a source of ideas for writing their own papers.