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Prior to exams, I have found it very useful to incorporate interactive computer activities. If your school has computer rooms, it is a great way to engage the students. My classes use, so I share these directions. is great because it saves trees. More importantly, it reduces the amount of paperwork for a teacher. Students who are not present also can complete the assignment on their own time.

Below are the directions for the assignment.

US History Final Review

Today you are going to complete an interactive review. The only requirement is that you do your best. This website has multiple choice questions from the New York Regents state exam.
This activity is is a great opportunity to practice and develop test taking skills. Use the process of elimination to arrive at the best answer if you are not 100% certain. Hopefully, you will arrive at the correct answer with a minimum of 2 choices.
1. Sit by gender (boy / girl / boy / girl) – a sociological experiment in efficiency by seating.
2. Answer as many questions as possible for each section. There will be a set time limit for each section.
3. Read the information that is presented after answering the question. The information will be great for understanding the concepts.
4. Below are the different sections. After a certain time period, we will move on to the next set of questions.

Geography (22 questions)
Colonial Period (31 questions)
Formation of Government (161 questions)
The Federalist Era (16 questions)
The Age of Jackson (7 questions)
Manifest Destiny (16 questions)
Civil War (21 questions)
Reconstruction and Southern Redemption (38 questions)
Closing the West (20 questions)
This document has been shared on For additional review, answer some questions for homework.
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