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Author Bio:

Andrea Keller is a world class educator that spends every waking moment encouraging the youth of today.  Andrea spent her days within a special-education classroom for 10 years motivating and educating students through the eyes of technology. She pushed her students to great heights, using various tools to enhance and engage.  You name it, Mrs Keller and her “busy bees” had created and mastered it!  Andrea will now spend her days not only interacting with students, but also with teachers as an Instructional Technology Specialist.    Immediately after she wraps up activity within her school day, Andrea leads other students into a world of unlimited possibilities through “Destination Imagination.”  If there happens to be a spare second, Mrs. Keller can be found researching grants in order to ensure current technology and resources for her students.  Andrea Keller is truly a cutting edge 21st century teacher!

For the past 11 years I have had the amazing opportunity to teach children with various abilities in a special education classroom. I loved every minute of it, but knew that I wanted to start connecting and working with more students and staff.

I am an avid technology user and had received my masters in educational technology several years ago.  This summer I got the job offer to be an Instructional Technology Specialist in the school that I was working in.

As soon as I said yes, I knew that there was so much to learn and do to be an effective ITS.  After sharing my story of a new position with several friends, we realized we were in the same boat.  We also realized that we were probably not the only ones!  #ITSnewbiechat was officially born during #edcampFWTX.

#ITSnewbiechat is co-moderated by Wendy (@kenya75) in Irving, Sydney (@smussle) in Lubbock, Jamie (@jamielocklin) in Houston and myself Andrea (@akbusybee) in Irving.   The chats are every Sunday at 7pm CST.  We welcome new ITS and also veterans to share in weekly topics pertaining to various ITS roles and helping other educators increase technology use.

#ITSnewbiechat will also be beginning a book study over Untangling the Web by Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow.

As educators we are faced with changing ideas and looking for the best way to reach all students in all areas.  Technology is an amazing tool for leveling the playing field.  I am so excited to be a part of a larger community of Instructional Technology Specialist.  I am even more excited to learn from those that are in the field and willing to share their expertise.

Hope you pop in to one of our upcoming #ITSnewbiechats.  I hope that you also take a moment to connect with me @akbusybee and follow my blog at

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