Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success is an amazing teaching tool to help youngsters reach a healthy definition of success. The story does a great job of teaching John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. The main characters, Inch and Miles, are given a magical whistle to borrow to help them on their journey to understand the meaning of success.
The colorful characters that Inch and Miles encounter are unique. Each represents one block in the Pyramid of Success. (The pyramid from the book is displayed on a teacher’s webpage in San Marcos, California.)
Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success is a great resource for parents, teachers, coaches, and any person who works closely with children.
In one of my high school classes, each day we read a section. After the selection is read, students respond to a writing prompt that forces them to reflect and very often is the starting point for a classroom discussion.
Below are the blogs for each theme:
Inch and Miles: The Magic Whistle
Axelrod the Ant: Hard Work
Rhonda the Robin: Enthusiasm
Charlie the Chimp: Friendship
Betty the Bee: Cooperation
Tess the Trout: Self-Control
Rascal the Rabbit: Alertness
Skittles the Squirell: Action
Fred the Frog: Determination
Hugh the Horse: Fitness
Silky the Spider: Skill
Louie the Lion: Team Spirit
Everett the Eagle: Poise
Albert the Alligator: Confidence
Personal Best
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