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My Town Tutors love Social Studies teachers! Here are some resources to celebrate a great week on Social Studies, sponsored by National Geographic.


the 5 Themes of Geography or Mario!”


What better words for s Social Studies teacher to hear from a student! “I will NEVER FORGET the 5 Themes of Geography!”

Imagine if this could be true for every students that you have ever taught or will ever teach? Hopefully, with the help of Mario and his magical sentence, your students will always remember the 5 Themes of Geography.

Mnemonic devices are very useful to help teachers present information in a way that students will remember. Over the years I have used “Let’s Play in Mario’s Room.” Each letter of the sentence helps us remember one of the 5 themes of geography.

Let’s = Location

Play = Place

In = Interaction

Mario’s = Movement

Room = Region
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