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Both schoolchildren and students often need a tutor to explain unclear material and help them understand the ” hard-to-understand” subject. After all, students often need essay help because they have not been able to absorb the essence of the subject in time. We will tell you where to find tutors for different subjects and how to choose the one you can trust to prepare you.

Where to find a good tutor

There are different ways to find someone who can help you improve your knowledge, understand a difficult topic, or prepare for an exam. Most often, to find a tutor you do not need a long search – it is enough to ask a teacher at school or a teacher at university who teaches the desired discipline. But some teachers consider it unethical to tutor students additionally or have a busy schedule that does not fit in a few more lessons. In this case, you will have to search for tutors differently.

Where to find a student tutor

When deciding what tutor to choose, consider student tutors. They can tutor both schoolchildren and peers or older people: young people will be attracted by the fact that the tutor will be “on the same wave” with them, and adults – knowledge of modern techniques and methods.

You can find a tutor-student online: by posting ads on specialized sites or in groups on social networks.

Where to find a free tutor

Usually, like other freelancers, tutors provide their services for a certain fee. But there are also cases where they are willing to work on a barter basis or for a low price to gain the necessary skills and to get recommendations.

Where to look for tutors in different subjects. Let’s figure out who is the best fit to help you learn different subjects.

Where to find a math tutor

Math is a difficult subject, and help in it is often needed for both students and pupils, so the choice of a tutor should be taken responsibly.

It is best to involve a school or university teacher with extensive experience and good reviews: ask his students how he delivers the theoretical information, explains how to solve problems. Pay attention to the announcements of the students: technicians will perfectly explain the school course of algebra and geometry to the student.

Be guided by your specific goals: to study the subject in-depth, you should choose a university-level teacher, but to prepare for the Unified State Exam in mathematics you would be better served by a school teacher or a first-year student, who has passed it himself with a high score.

How to choose an English tutor

While math and other subjects are often tutored in addition for the sake of improving grades, a tutor in English is also needed in other cases:

  • To communicate with foreigners.
  • To study in English.
  • To get a good job.
  • To learn the language before leaving for another country.
  • For personal reasons (traveling, marrying a foreigner, etc.).

Depending on the task, you can choose a teacher, a language student, a native speaker, or enroll in specialized courses.

Where to find a computer science tutor

Computer science is probably the only subject for which a student tutor is preferable to a teacher. This is because students are the ones who closely follow current trends in programming and often practice.

How to find a biology tutor

Biology is a complex natural science with many specializations. To choose the right tutor for this subject, determine exactly which section of the discipline you want to study, and look for a specialist in that field: for example, a teacher or a graduate student of the relevant department.

Where to find a tutor in physics

A similar situation with physics: classes with a tutor will be beneficial only if you choose an expert in a particular field. It is advisable to start searching among the students of specialized universities.

How to choose a good tutor

When considering several tutor options, it is important not to make a mistake and not to believe empty promises. Let’s give some recommendations on how to choose a good tutor:

  • Pay attention to the place of work and seniority of the tutor (in the case of students – the university and the course).
  • Do not hesitate to ask about degrees, diplomas, certificates (in the case of a student you can also look at his credits).
  • Ask both about the personal merits of the tutor, and about the achievements of his students: how many of them have been admitted, winners of competitions, etc.
  • Do not be afraid to check the tutor’s reputation: look for reviews about him or ask questions on websites, groups, etc.
  • Trust your impression: many tutors offer the first lesson for free or with a discount, and this is a good chance to see how well you work together.

These simple guidelines will help you make the right choice and find someone who can help you achieve your goal.