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Writing Advice for College Students
Author Bio: Jenny Richards is a free lance content writer. She has written many
informative articles on different categories like Technology, Internet, Career, Jobs, software etc. In this article, she has given some useful tips on “How to Become a Reseller of Cloud Backup Robot Software”.

Computer users lose valuable content every day. Many business owners and individuals with home PCs have little or no knowledge in the processes of backing up data. Some also find the backup process time consuming and they will keep putting it off.

Backing up can be easier by using Cloud Backup Robot software and you could become a reseller of the software.

Where is the Opportunity for Reselling?

The adoption of data backup is still low and therein lays your opportunity to become a reseller.

There are businesses that are still using external hard drives to back up data. Others do their backup by photocopying original documents and they store the copies in filing cabinets. This is potentially dangerous as hardware and paper can face destruction from fire, water or stolen.

Start by targeting people who fall in the following groups:

  • Laptop users who travel frequently and are vulnerable to theft

  • Companies with onsite backup servers need additional cloud backup to be safe.

Get your Customers Interested

People will only buy what they understand and what appears to be useful to them. Refer your customers to Cloud Backup Robot website where they can download a trial version of the software.

Asking the right questions will make your potential customers appreciate the benefits of the software to them.  Below are simple questions you should ask:

  • How do you backup your data?

  • How many times have you experienced loss of data?

  • Where do you backup your data?

  • What is the cost of your data backup medium?

  • How do you rate the ease of performing a data backup currently?

  • How frequently do you backup your information?

  • Is your backed up data easy to access?

  • What data security measures do you have in place for employees who take business data out of your business premises?

  • What risk does theft, system crashes or loss of data pose to your business?

Sell the Benefits of the Cloud Backup Robot Software

After convincing your potential customers that they need the Cloud Backup Robot software sell it based on its benefits and value-add.

  • Easy to configure. The menu is simple and can be configured quickly and with few and easy to follow steps.

  • Supports safe and popular cloud storage services. You can use the software with majority of cloud storage services such as, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3 andDropbox. It will also make backup copies in a folder stored locally on your PC.

  • Supports file filters. You can choose the files you need to back up and exclude the rest. You can also choose file formats.

  • Automatic deletion of outdated files. You can enable automatic deletion of old unnecessary files in order to free up space.

  • Additional security. The program will store your backup files to a ZIP archive that you can encrypt thus providing more security.

  • Automate the backup process. The software allows you to schedule intervals for backing up thus automates your backup process.

  • Recovery. The software comes with free backup restoration software.

By using the approach detailed above, you will certainly become a successful reseller of Cloud Backup Robot software. For more information, please contact Cloud Backup Robot team.