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Twitter is a great way to connect with others. It is also is a great way to share a message. For My Town Tutors, our goal is to let others know “Teachers are great tutors!” We are a national directory of teachers who tutor.
To help us spread our message, we are looking to connect with teachers and parents on a local level. Our most recent account @mytowntutorsTX is focusing on connecting with the best accounts in Texas. We are placing a priority on quality over quantity by following only one account per day.
Just like how many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie pop:

How long does it take @mytowntutorsTX to reach 100 followers?
Our director for Texas, Louise Morgan, has done a great job of making connecting with some AWESOME Texas Educators!
Our goal now is to share our message with these amazing educators. My Town Tutors wants to be the #1 tutoring resource for Texas parents and teachers.