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Writing Advice for College Students

Some profit as well as nonprofit firms can offer their services through the debt managers or the debt consolidators.  Debt consolidation is a process where the credit companies and the clients can communicate with a third party known as the consolidators. Now, let us go through the steps by which you can become a successful consolidator:

High School Diploma: You should obtain the high school diploma or equivalent degree for fulfilling the pre requisite of becoming a consolidator. The customer service jobs will only suffice with a good high school education and nothing more than that.

Higher Education Degree: Though not mandatory, you can opt for higher education degrees for becoming a debt consolidator. For the debt management field you can opt for the following courses:

  • An associate degree in the Financial Management or Business Management will be helpful for you. The duration of the course is 2 years and will deal with all the basics of the risk management, financial law and investments. The working professionals can opt for this course online or can take up the evening classes according to their convenience.

  • You can also seek a bachelor’s degree in the business administration or the financial management field. This particular course will definitely provide you with an in-depth knowledge on managing the finances and the business. This degree will also help you to enhance your customer management skills in the environment of the debt consolidation.

Work Experience: You can gain specific work experience in the sales field. A simple experience of 2 years in the tele-sales department can prepare you for the big picture of the debt consolidation. If you can achieve the experience in particularly the financial sector, it can add value to your consolidation career. You can start working in the sales, while in the school, as a part time worker or just after completing your school.

Debt Management License: If your state demands a debt management license, you should definitely opt for one. When you are working as an independent debt manager, you should pay a licensing fee and can appear for the ethics exams. If you are hired and trained by a particular company, you may not require obtaining a license.

Non-Profit Agencies: You can look out for the consolidation jobs in the nonprofit agencies or in the private organizations. You can search online for the positions like debt manager, debt consolidator, customer service etc. You can create and tailor your resume according to the specific job requirements. If you apply for several positions, it may help you in discovering the best one in the whole industry.

Industry Preferences: You should apply for the jobs according to your preferences. Here are some choices:

  • You can apply in the for-profit debt consolidation companies. High commissions can be offered to the best consolidators of the company. You can sell products to the debtors and can gain excellent terms from the credit card companies.

  • The non-profit debt consolidation companies can also serve your purpose. Instead of variable loans, you will be mostly working with the secured loans with these organizations. The counseling and the education should be the main motto of these companies rather than increasing the sales quota.

  • You can also become a private debt consolidator. If you have a state license, you can easily practice your consolidation independently. If you have gained experiences of 5 to 10 years in the financial service sector, you can easily select this option without any hesitation.

As you are working as a third party, you should always try to maintain an excellent relationship with the creditors and the clients for successful consolidation activities.