My Town Tutors can help many teachers make as much as $4,000 in just 10 months! Teachers keep 100% of the tutoring fees.
My Town Tutors connects parents with local teachers who tutor. Our website is based on two simple beliefs:

  1. “Teachers are great tutors!”
  2. Parents want great tutors for their children.

How does it work?
1. A teacher registers using our limited promotion code – teacher. It costs $5.00 for one full year ($0.42 per month).
2. The teacher completes his / her profile and sets their hourly rate. For our example, the hourly rate will be $50.
3. Parents search for a tutor and connect with a teacher in their area. In our example, we will assume the teacher tutors two students per week for the entire school year (10 months).
The teacher pays just $5 to be listed on My Town Tutors. If a teacher has two one-hour tutoring sessions per week, this teacher will make:

  • $100 per week
  • $400 per month
  • $4,000 per 10 month school year

In some cases, a parent will wait until a mid-term / progress report or the end of the term to request a tutor. However, with standardized testing, graduation requirements, higher class sizes, SAT prep, and classroom cut-backs; tutors are in high demand. (Many parents also would like tutoring during the summer months as well.)
Teachers are great tutors!
This is the core belief of My Town Tutors. If you are a teacher, why not give tutoring a try? Your five dollar investment might just make you an additional $4,000 per year or even more!
We need teachers for all subject areas and grade levels. We need tutors in every state.
Tutoring is a great, flexible opportunity for teachers to earn excellent income. and parents love the fact that all our tutors are teachers.
We would appreciate any feedback from parents and teachers. Our goal is to be the best resource for parents looking to find a qualified tutor.
And remember “Teachers are great tutors!”