The following questions are answered and discussed before watching the sports documentary Hoop Dreams. This is used in a Sports in Society class, but also is great for sociology, too.
Many of the students in the class have participated in high school sports.
Sports in Society: Hoop Dreams Pre-viewing questions
1. Did / Do you have dreams of competing in athletics during college? How realistic is this goal? How hard have you worked so far? How much harder do you think you will have to work in the future if you are to succeed in college athletics?
2. Have you been recruited by or spoken to any college coaches? Explain this process. How do you communicate? What is the focus of the communication? Do you have any letters you could bring in to share with the class?
3. List the student-athletes that you know are playing sports in college from Hanover (or other towns)
Student-athlete                Sport                 School                           Division
3. If you have spoken with any college student-athletes, what were their thoughts about college vs. high school, the time commitment, and the level of competition?
4. Do you personally know any people who have played professional sports? Explain your relationship to the athlete and what you know about their career. Share information that would be interesting to the class.
5. What are your thoughts about division I athletes? Are they exploited? Do athletic programs care about the STUDENT in student-athlete? If you have gone to a Division I athletic event, explain the atmosphere and your experience. USE THE BACK IF NECESSARY!!
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