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This lesson can be used at the start of a unit on learning. It requires a little reflection and can spark some very interesting discussions.
Objective: To introduce the students to the amazing fact that we learn so much over the course of our lives.

  1. Have students list own definition of learning.
  2. Discuss the responses.
  3. Give this definition: learning – “is a relatively permanent change in behavior the results from experience.”
  4. Share some of your personal learning experiences which resulted in a “relatively permanent change in behavior.”.
  5. Allow the students time to complete the “What I Have Learned” worksheet.

Personal Lessons
A boy learning to go to the bathroom at the beach. A boy went into the ocean up to his waist. He pulled down his bathing suit to go to the bathroom. The boy’s uncle instructed him that he did not need to pull down his suit, all he had to do was “go.” The boy looked at his uncle like he had 3 heads. The boy returned to his blanket to ask his parents and they confirmed the reality of going the bathroom in the ocean. Lesson learned!
Commenting on the masterpiece (worthy of the refrigerator) When commenting on a young artists work (under 5). It is always best to praise. “Oh that is beautiful! What is it?” Many adults have learned this because many times the assessment of the picture turns out to be completely wrong!
Waiting to get dressed until the last minute with an infant. Before leaving for school, a teacher picked up his son just after he had finished a bottle. The son proceeded to vomit on the father’s shirt, requiring a change of wardrobe. That teacher learned never to put on a school shirt until he was ready to walk out the door.
Below is the worksheet. It is a little different than the original due to the formatting of this blog.


Name                                                                          Period
Learning (your definition) –
Learning (class definition) –
The mind is an amazing thing! We are capable of learning so many things; facts, songs, skills, names, words, foreign languages, equations … the list is endless. Your task today is to list what you have learned at various stages in your life. Be prepared to share your answers with the class.
Draw a line between each time period. Try to list 10 items for each time period. (For the blogs purpose, I simply leave space for each time period.)
0 yrs –  pre-school
elementary school
middle school
high school
Class Discussion

Here are some of the learning experiences students have shared for the categories. I am sure you and your students will come up with many more.
0 – pre-school
“The drawing” self- esteem of making the “fridge.” (See above), sharing, colors, play dates, separation from parents.
Elementary School
Riding a bike, school plays (speaking in public, perhaps a student could bring in a video), skiing (snowplow, pizza vs. French Fries), swimming, tying shoes, class stuffed animal (with a journal), class pets, the school play
Middle School
Socialization (socials and dances), overnight camp, team sports,
High School
Relationships, time management, responsibilities, jobs, accepting differences