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Over the years we have compiled many useful lessons for teaching high school psychology.
Below is a great activity for teaching or reinforcing the concept of chunking in short-term memory. A teacher may want to create a worksheet for the students to complete and hand-in. Another option would be to share the information on
1. Chunking in Short-Term Memory (5 minutes)
Slide #1 – Read the information!
Slide #2 – Read the INSTRUCTIONS carefully. The “BEGIN” button is at the bottom of the page on the right side.
Complete the task (on page 2 of 5). Record your number of correct placements
Trail #1       out of 5
Trail #2       out of 7
Trail #3       out of 9
What is the conclusion about chunking?
Slide #3 – Read the information. Record the name of the article written by George Miller in 1956.
What is the key? BOLD WORDS or (other word beginning with a C).
Slide #4 – Read the Instructions. After you read the instructions, scroll down to the yellow “BEGIN” circle.
For each trial you will be given 2 boxes
Box #1 You Answer
Box #2 Correct Answer
Complete the test 3 times and record your correct scores after each trial.
1st Test
Trial #1 (numbers)
Trial #2 (chunks)
(Click “Start Again”)
2nd Test
Trial #1 (numbers)
Trial #2 (chunks)
(Click “Start Again”)
3rd Test
Trial #1 (numbers)
Trial #2 (chunks)
I believe you can complete as many trials as you would like. Which type of numbers was easier to remember 9 individual #s or 3 chunks? After reading the information in this activity and completing the trials, why do you think this is true?
Slide #5 Read the conclusion. Now go back to slide #4 and complete one more trial. This time, chunk on YOUR OWN. When the 9 individual numbers come up, group them in threes in your head 123489608 = 123 489 608