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Author Bio: Jerry Pearlman is the author of the very popular “Tale of A Baseball Dream,” a fictitious story recommended for children 8-12 years old.  He is an advocate for promoting children’s literacy, strong family values, and participates in the movement to eliminate bullying! Jerry can be followed on twitter @taleofabaseball or on his website .

When I was a child, I really did not like to read. I was definitely a “reluctant reader.”

Judging from my personal experience, I believe that a huge contributor to a child not wanting to read, is that the child is “forced” to read material in which he or she has no interest!

That leads them to “just wanting to get their reading over with,” and they do not completely focus on what they are reading.

Tale of A Baseball Dream” was written with that in mind!

My goal was for the reader to become completely engrossed in the story, as though they were personally involved in the story! I wanted the reader to experience the twists and turns of disappointments, happiness, determination, and joy, as they “visualize” the story as a movie in which they were participating!

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers, to provide reading material in which the child will be interested, which in turn will engage their imagination, and result in the child developing a love for reading!

Once they develop their love for reading, then they will no longer be “hesitant,” to read the material that they are required to learn!