We had awesome guest blogs for the month of January 2012. We are so glad we were able to share these posts with you. I enjoyed reading each one and found them very useful and informative.
Thanks to our wonderful authors for sharing. Enjoy!
A BIG thank you to all our guests!

January 2012

Should Kids Miss School for a Disney Trip?

Tami is an Application Developer by day, Family Nurturer by night.  She is married with 2 small kids and lives in Colorado.  She loves reading and the great outdoors, and has a blog chronicling some of her fun adventures.  It features storytelling about family, humor, outdoors fun, wild toddlers, baking, naughty dogs, travel, kid’s perspectives, good reads, a giveaway every now and then, and all things Disney!  You can find her at The Colorado Mountain Mom.

Student Grades: How to Turn Around a Midyear SLUMP

Marc Hoberman is the Owner / Director of Grade Success Tutoring and Educational Consulting. His One Minute Educator Videos help students, parents, and teachers reach their full potential. Marc is available for Private or Group Educational Consulting via webcam or phone. Visit www.gradesuccessinc.com for more information.

How to Beat the Sugar Blues

Barbara Rodriguez is the organic celebrity nanny.  Her new book, The Organic Nanny’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids: Reclaim a Natural Diet and Lifestyle for Your Child, is going to be released soon.  You can find out more great organic parenting tips and sign up for her newsletter on the website- The Organic Nanny.

Why Do We Do Things the Way We Do?

Amy Berrell is currently preparing to teach 3rd grade for the second year at a Christian School in New South Wales, Australia. She is passionate about incorporating innovative practices and technology into my classroom in a real and meaningful way. Throughout the year my class blog http://missberrell.blogspot.com/ will have pictures of my classroom and insights into the new practices being undertaken in our class.

Bullying Behavior: Behavior That No One Forgets!

Jim Burns is best known for his presentations on Bullying, Motivating Disaffected Students, Defusing Power Struggles, Character Education, and Leadership. Jim has worked as a teacher and administrator since 1977. He is also an accomplished college instructor who teaches graduate level courses. He just completed writing and co-designing “The Bully Proof Classroom,” a graduate course that is now being offered at The College of New Jersey in partnership with The Regional Training Center.  He has recently published a new book titled The New 3Rs in Education: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships.  This book is designed to create an awareness of the problems that teachers face today, and to give teachers the tools to create a classroom climate that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning. Please visit his website at www.bullyproofclassroom.com

It’s an Honor to be a Mentor!

Gil Duzanski is a software engineer from Waltham, Mass, interested in education and mentoring.  Gil is a CEO and founder of www.MyMentorLink.com, a startup that helps high school students explore careers and discover their interests and passions through job shadowing opportunities with local businesses.