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The reflections for the free ebook What We Know Now have been written by parents, “aunties” and “uncles” or godparents of adults in their 20s or early 30s. They are written mainly by Australians so far. I would like to update the book and include writing and images from people in other countries.
Please email me at with your writing. Please change names and places in your writing if you require confidentiality.
If your 1000-2000 word reflection fits the guidelines below, fits the vibe I am seeking and does not repeat themes already covered, I will include it in an updated version of the book or post it on the blog…
I am seeking these things:
1. Your special context/circumstances and your featured young people
2. What worked well when you look back on their upbringing – happy memories
3. What you have learned since – one thing you would do differently with hindsight
4. What you wish for their future lives and for your future relationship with them
Lizzie Chase
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