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Children can become frustrated very easily when Mom and Dad are the ones trying to help with school work.  They are more likely to fight assistance and suggestions than having someone come in and help them.  Although I know tutoring may not be something you’ve set aside money for, your child’s educational success is important and is always worth the venture.  Tutoring is a smart investment in your child’s future, and will help ease the stress that students face at school when they struggle with one or more of the following:
Standardized testing: Unfortunately, as much as we all cringe when he hear this phrase, is it still a reality; many states require students in certain grades to pass these tests in order to be promoted to the next grade.  Otherwise, you may find your child in summer school to repeat the test, or he/she may have to repeat the grade without the hope of remediation.  Believe me when I tell you that your child MUST have the necessary skills to pass these types of tests.  Mastering standardized testing skills is no easy feat and is not the same as having classroom testing skills.  Tutors can help your child decipher test questions, learn how to weed out possible answers, and how to look back into a passage to verify information.
Reading Skills: I do not need to tell you how critical reading skills are, do I?  If your student struggles in any way with vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluency, etc. then you should consider a tutor’s help.  Teachers who specialize in reading will come with a whole bag of tricks to truly help to make reading enjoyable and easier for your student.  Reluctant readers are usually this way because they are lacking in one of the areas that lead to genuine understanding of what they’re reading.  Teachers can find these barriers and break through them to help even the most struggling of readers.
Writing assessments: Another form of standardized testing, writing assessments are commonly scored in numerous grade levels all through public k-12 schools.  Your child can benefit from additional writing practice with a tutor who can help them refine ideas, use vivid descriptions, and follow persuasive, expository, or narrative formats.  Each format requires a different set of writing skills (although clearly some overlap) and understanding how and when to apply these skills is something many students struggle with.
Organization/note taking/study skills: I cannot tell you how many students are lacking in this area: I would venture to say as many as 60% of students struggle in this arena.  We cannot assume that children will automatically develop good habits when it comes to organization, study, and note taking skills.  Again, these are skills that must be taught to ensure success- and the younger, the better.  Raise your hand if your student struggles in one of these categories.  See- exactly.  I consider these three categories key to a student’s overall educational success.  In addition, being on top of their game with these skills will save time, frustration, and energy as time goes on!  Let a tutor help, please!
Math Skills: Similar to reading skills, need I remind you of the importance of having strong math skills?  As we become more and more dependent on computers and everything else digitized to solve our problems, our nation’s math scores continue to plummet.  That being said, math teachers are experts in their field and will bring to the table ideas and strategies you never even knew existed.  – A menagerie of math web sites, tricks, and tools that were not around when we were in school.  Not only that, but when a child is frustrated with something as complex as math, an impartial person can be the voice of reason is a sea of insane confusion.
If you feel your child is having trouble with any of the above, have no fear.  Tutors are quickly able to ascertain how your child best learns, and where they’re losing ground.  They can close the learning gap helping your student feel more confident at school and ease tension at home.  Go ahead, chose a tutor and be on your way to SUCCESS.
*Here’s to happy learning, Tracy
Tracy Schutz is a veteran middle school teacher who is passionate about at-risk students, e-learning, ed technology, and social media.  -Looking for educational news and information?  Find more here:  You can also follow Tracy on Twitter @tracyschutz or at