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Our 50 week challenge is designed to connect with teachers who tutor in all 50 states.
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General Jokes for Teachers

  1. 180 Jokes to Start Your Day with a Smile

Jokes by Subject

  1. 101 Math Jokes: Jokes for Pi Day
  2. Geography Jokes
  3. Mole Day Jokes

Jokes for Special Days

  1. February 14th: 25 Valentine’s Jokes for Teachers
  2. March 14th: 101 Pi Day Jokes
  3. March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day Jokes
  4. Easter 70 Easter Jokes for Families and Teachers!
  5. June: Father’s Day Jokes
  6. July 4th: Top 40 4th of July Jokes!
  7. October 23rd: Mole Day Jokes
  8. October 31st Halloween: 101 Halloween Jokes
  9. Thanksgiving Day Jokes
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