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#1 Motivational Speech for Students!
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College Applications & Admissions

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  3. College Applications: 6 Important Lessons for Parents by Debbie Schwartz, Founder of Road2College @rd2college.
  4. The Pros and Cons of Essay Writing Services: by Evelyn Golston is a long serving writer at Essay Jedi.
  5. The Best College Advice: Listen to Your Parents! by Giuliana Napolitano at @gnapolitttt.
  6. How to Avoid The 5 Worst College Application Mistakes by Anthony-James Green, a world-renowned SAT and ACT tutor with over 10,000 hours of experience teaching these tests @TstPrpAuthority
  7. Education is The Greatest Investment by James Jay is a twenty-five-year-old family man who is trying to make a positive impact in the world while enjoying life to the fullest.

Student Athletes

  1. Top 10 Tips for College Athletes by @HSSocialMedia.
  2. How Bad Do You Want It?: by Eric Thomas @Ericthomasbtc.
  3. Top 10 Questions for Student-Athletes Picking a College: by Erin Humphreys of @RecruitTalk.


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