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Coming fast on the heels of Labor Day, the unofficial end to summer, is the celebration of another great opportunity for a delightful meal with family ~ Grandparents Day. Sunday September 9, 2012 is a day to enjoy an outing, a meal, or some great times together.
For us here at South Shore Elder Services, Grandparents Day is a great opportunity to reflect on what we learned from our grandparents, what we as grandparents have to offer, and what you can offer your grandparents.
School is starting back up, kids are heading back, filling their heads with wisdom and knowledge, and for many, the routine will be school, practice, rehearsal, work, homework, meals, and sleep.  The emphasis might very well get back to measured events, structured requirements, and “things that have to get done”.  Undoubtedly, school work must be done, work must be finished, meeting with tutors must be scheduled,  and there is much to accomplish. That might just mean that visiting with grandparents become a luxury reserved for the weekend.
We have found in our nearly 35 years of serving the needs of elders here on the South Shore that grandparents always have a lot to teach us.  They can teach us about service, dedication, volunteering, giving care, passing on secrets of a life well lived, pitfalls to avoid, and about how pain can be endured with the help of others. They can also recall how to fix bikes, how watering holes and beaches used to look, what it’s like to pull together in a crisis, and how to celebrate the joy of life.
Our grandparents can also impart key life skills, the wisdom of years of life, and the joy of seeing generations carrying the familial flag on through the ages, not to mention spoiling and providing children with fodder for tweaking the noses of parents.
We hope you enjoy a delightful weekend event with your grandparents and take the time to honor their lives.  Our staff has a unique way to do just that next week with our children and grandchildren art contest with judging and awards on Thursday September 13th.  You can even see the winners gracing our Pinterest page, as well as many a refrigerator.
#SSES joins with Old Colony Elder Services in Brockton to support Grandparents 365 days a year with information, outreach,referral services and options for seniors.
Old Colony Elder Services can be found at 144 Main Street, Brockton MA 02301 or at 508-584-1561
South Shore Elder Services is at 1515 Washington Street, Braintree MA 02184 or at 781-848-3910  Follow us on twitter @SouthShoreElder.