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Top 100 Boston Twitter Accounts

1. What is your purpose?
We would like to expand awareness of our compny mission through the GladlyDo Twitter page.  The goal is greater brand recognition throughout the community. We want people to know that we, GladlyDo, are here for them.
GladlyDo is also on facebook, pinterest, instagram, and tumblr, as our website evolves every day.
2. Who is your audience?
Our target audience is really anyone who needs us in the community – from busy parents, vacationers, and small businesses, to young people alike. Why? Because everyone needs stuff done, and that’s exactly what GladlyDo does. They can book any time.
3. What will you tweet?
We want to be a source of news and knowledge for greater Boston, support for our neighbors, and promotion for GladlyDo, letting our followers know what we are up to on a regular basis.
4. What is your follow policy?
We follow all things Boston – from a community resident to a small business. We also follow accounts that peak our interest – an interesting business, a marketing advisor, or a similar odd job site, among others.
5. What is your time commitment?
We attend to our Twitter on a highly regular basis. We are active at different points throughout the day, engaging in our newsfeeds as well as tweeting our own content.