My Town Tutors knows Georgia teachers are great tutors! Our goal is to be the #1 resource in Georgia for parents looking for tutors.
Our core belief is “teachers are great tutors!” We also know tutoring is a great way for teachers to earn $30 – $85 an hour.
Georgia teachers can use their education, experience, knowledge, and training to do what they do best – help students achieve academically. At the same time, these teachers have the flexibility of selecting their own hours and own rate of pay.
Parents benefit because they can find qualified, professional teachers, with unique skills to work with a child. Parents can have complete confidence that the every tutor we list has experience and training working with students who have a variety of learning abilities and styles.
My Town Tutors firmly believes teachers who tutor are a much better alternative for parents than the national tutoring franchises. Many of these companies rarely employ teachers, and if they do, the teachers are grossly underpaid. The national franchise tutors are usually college students who have little, if any, training or experience working with students. Additionally, the cost of these services for parents is insanely high.
Georgia teachers know the curriculum, content, and state standards. More importantly, teachers know children. They understand the learning process and the challenges faced by many students. They speak regularly with other educators and have been trained to use strategies to reach many different learning styles.
The goals of My Town Tutors are really simple.

  1. To make it easy for students and parents to connect with a qualified, local teacher who tutors.
  2. To help teachers who tutor earn additional income with a flexible schedule that fits their schedule.

Last fall, My Town Tutors was tested successfully in the towns south of Boston. Parents and teachers loved it! We now list over 250 teachers who tutor in that area. We are now actively starting our campaign to recruit Georgia teachers who tutor.
My Town Tutors would love to list any Georgia teacher who tutors in our national directory. With our special promotion, teachers can register until September 31, 2014 for only $12. There are no other fees for our service. If a teacher charges $50 an hour, the teacher keeps all $50. It is that simple.
We just started @mytowntutorsga to connect with Georgia teachers and parents. Please follow us for the most recent updates and information about our blog posts.