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My Town Tutors love Social Studies teachers! Here are some resources to celebrate a great week on Social Studies, sponsored by National Geographic.
When researching Geography Awareness Week which is sponsored by National Geographic, we came across some great resources that are listed on our Special Learning Days page.
The following activity is from National Geographic Education and is called GeoGames.

For this activity, click on maps, countries, and cities. This activity asks that you place “trays” of countries and capitals.


COUNTRIES: When placing the countries, think of the regions of the world.

CAPITALS: Pick the ones you know for certain, then use process of elimination. If you place a capital in the WRONG REGION, but correct country you will be asked to place the capital again. For example if you placed Washington DC in California, the capital would be place back in the selection box!

The time continues, so record your total time at the end.

Easy (1 tray)

Countries: South America, United States, China, Dominica Republic, Australia

Medium (2 trays)

Countries: Russia, Egypt, Canada, Iraq, India, Mexico

Countries: Greenland, Iran, Panama, Italy, Senegal, Japan

Hard (3 trays)

Countries: South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Nigeria, Sweden, Spain

Countries: France, North Korea, Argentina, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Ireland

Countries: Cuba, Israel, Indonesia, Madagascar, Germany, United Kingdom
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