Epilogue: It might be a good idea for the students to read the epilogue. A teacher also could read sections aloud to the class. The epilogue discusses the following topics:
Carter Cowboys (pages 339 – 343) – After winning the state title, some players on the Carter Cowboys team were involved in a series of armed robberies. Two players, Derric Evans and Gary Edwards, highly recruited players were arrested and sentenced to jail. Here are the words of Judge Joe Kendall at the sentencing:
“I believe much of the attention on these trials is because some of you were on a state championship football team, and a few of you have scholarships and great potential. I can think of, but will not name off the top of my head three former Dallas Caowboys and one former Miami Dolphin who have two striking things in common. They all four have Super Bowl rings and they all four have been to the state penitentiary.”
Derric Evans was sentenced to twenty years in prison.
Gary Edwards was sentenced to sixteen years. (page 342)
Here is an interview in 2008 with the Dallas News. Questions and answers with Derric Evans.
Permian Panthers – The section also contains updates on the leading characters Brian Chavez (page 343 – 344), Jerrod McDougal (page 343 – 344), Don Billingsley (page 346 – 347), Mike Winchell (page 347 – 349), Ivory Christian (page 349 – 350), and Boobie Miles (page 350 – 352),