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Find a U.S. Tutor! & Teaching Ideas for Friday Night Lights!

Friday Night Lights, by H.G Bissinger is a great book / DVD for high school students. I teach a “Sports in Society” senior elective course in which we use this film to analyze the role of high school sports in our society.
Below are the “Hollywood” embellishments of the story.
Boobie’s Knee Injury (pages 56 – 58) – Unlike the film, where Boobie’s injures his knee injured during an early season blow-out, Boobie injured his knee in a pre-season scrimmage.
Boobie’s Return (page 197 – 202) In the Abilene game, Boobie did not start. With the score 28 – 0, the starting running back, Comer, had 125 yards on 9 carries and Boobie had 6 yards on 2 carries. (The year before against the same team, Boobie amassed 232 yards on 8 carries.) Later in the game, Boobie left the game with a leg cramp never to return. Boobie’s final stats for the night were 46 yards on 10 carries.
Against Dallas Jesuit, in a 48 – 2 route, Boobie played “sparingly” (5 carries / 14 yards).
Playing the Cooper Cougars, Boobie had 49 yards on 12 carries with 2 touchdowns.
Boobie’s Riding the Bus to Final Game (pages 330 – 332) – Boobie did not travel with team to the final game. He listened to the game in a car 340 miles away.
Final Game: The final game for the Permian Panthers was indeed against the Carter Cowboys, however it was the state semi-final game, not the championship game. The game was played at Memorial Stadium at the University of Texas, not the Astrodome.
The half time score was 7 – 6 Carter, much different than the lop-sided portrayal in the movie. In the second half Permian regained the lead on a 30 yard field goal. The kicker missed a 31 yard field goal attempt in the first half.  Permian was leading 9 – 7 at the end of 3rd period.
There was a controversial call on a pass completion just as the movie tells. Replays showed the completed pass had hit the ground and it should have been ruled an incomplete. A few plays later Carter found the end zone. The extra point resulted in a 14 – 9 lead with 11:00 left.
Each team had 2 stalled drives that resulted in punts. (The movie has you believe that Carter never punted.)
Permian had the ball with 1:15 left at their own 48. The moved the ball to the Carter 32 with 0:56 left. It was 2nd and 1. After a first down and a few failed plays, it was 3rd and 8 at the Carter 26 with 0:30 left. On a broken play, the Panthers moved the ball to the Carter 10 with 0:26 left. After a holding penalty and few failed plays it was 4th and 6 at the Carter 24 with 0:10 left. The final play was an incomplete pass. Permian lost the game 14 – 9.
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