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Author Bio: Olfa Turki is the founder of MyKidsGuide where she loves sharing party games for kids as well as easy crafts.

Whether you are hosting a party of your own, or you are helping to organize the neighborhood Fall parties and festivals, party games are a must.  These Fun Fall Party Games are perfect for any group of kids and adults.  For family friendly fun, laughter and memories check out our list and add them to your party list this year.


Displaying Fun Fall Party Games.jpg

Hay Maze: Instead of using the traditional corn field, use bales of hay instead to create a fun maze for kids to weave through.  Stack them higher for older kids and adults, or just 1-2 high for the younger crowd.

Pumpkin Piñatas: Everyone loves piñatas, because you get tons of fun treats when you are able to pop them open.  Grab or make a Pumpkin pinata and fill it full of small toys, costume jewelry, stickers and candy for the kids to grab for.

Pie Toss: Grab some simple aluminum tins and a few cans of whipped cream. Line up volunteers and set a “mark” about 10 feet away to see who can throw a pie and hit the volunteer in the face with it.  Great fun for kids and teachers or parents!

Face Painting: All kids love having their face painted.  Grab the hypoallergenic face paints and set up a station for things like, pumpkins, bats, ghosts and scarecrows.

Musical Chairs: This classic game is a hit for all ages at any party. Grab your best creepy music and get everyone involved in a fun game of musical chairs!

Pumpkin Painting: Instead of carving the pumpkins this year, why not pain them instead?  Provide stations with paint, brushes, smocks and even fun things like peel and stick googly eyes, ribbon or gemstones to embellish.

Stuff The Scarecrow: Have a contest amongst groups of kids to see who can make the best scarecrow.  Provide loose hay, sticks for them to hang on, overalls, pants, shirts, boots, hats and even buttons for eyes.

Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy a great party with your friends, family or neighbors.  Organize a few games, add in some classic things like hot dogs and marshmallows for roasting, and don’t forget the big bonfire when it gets dark.  If you have a friend with a tractor and trailer, a hay ride is always a great addition.  This year use some of our fun fall party games for kids to make your event the best yet!