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When Mark asked if I wanted to write a guest blog post for My Town Tutors, my first thought was, “of course I do!” Why wouldn’t I? My Town Tutors is one of my favorite companies to follow on Twitter – always posting relevant content and engaging where appropriate. I asked Mark if he had any particular topic in mind, as the MTT blog seems to offer a broad range of educational content and resources. He suggested I write about my youth program, Enterprise City… So here I am.

21st Century Learning: In Action!

Enterprise City strives to improve college and career readiness in youth through an innovative, 21st century experience focused on financial literacy, civic engagement and entrepreneurship. Students in grades 5-9 run their very own city after completing the cross-discipline (math, social studies, and ELA) curriculum in the classroom. It’s both a classroom based activity and field trip (simulation). Take a look at this video to get a better idea:
Last year at this time, it wouldn’t have made sense to share a blog post about Enterprise City with a community of teachers located primarily in Boston, MA – simply because the program wasn’t available in Boston yet. With the welcome addition of a brand new mobile city, we’re excited to offer the Enterprise City experience to any interested school or teacher north of New York City – to the tippity-top of Maine, including the ambitious teachers of Boston!
If you have any questions about the program or would like to book your class, please contact me directly at In the meantime, I do suggest you take a look at our curriculum guide.
What do you think? Would your students thrive in this experience? Share your thoughts in the comments!