A project called Dyslexia-ville, with Academy Award winning filmmaker, Peggy Stern, set a goal to raise $60,000 by June 14th. The money will be used to provide teachers, students, and parents with a great interactive website that builds self-esteem for people with dyslexia.
They reached their goal on Friday June 8th! Great job!
Peggy is dyslexic, and has created a vibrant, colorful, and engaging website for kids with dyslexia to: connect with one another, develop reading skills, and tune into a web series that we are producing just for them.
My Town Tutors wholeheartedly supports this website, because we know it will be a safe haven, and launching pad to success for millions of struggling readers.  This virtual city on the web, will make kids feel that they are not alone as they tackle their dyslexia.
The organization raised $75,500 through an online fundraising campaign through a site called Kickstarter.
D-ville is trying to rally 2,500 educators and parents to donate $10 to our fundraising campaign by June 14th.  Please share this link with others and consider making a small donation to make this great website a reality.
By clicking this link, you will be taken to our Kickstarter site where you can view a video about the project, and see the fun prizes that have been designed to get kids excited about Dyslexia-ville.
We first posted a guest blog about Dyslexia-ville on June 4th. We will add the daily totals to keep you updated.
There are only 8 Days left so please help make a difference in the lives of millions.
Date                 Backers                 Dollar total             % of goal
June 4th          120 backers          $31,150                    59.1 %
June 5th           143 backers          $40,770                   67.9%
June 6th           176 backers          $55,950                  93.2%
June 7th           190 backers          $60,100                100%
June 8th           195 backers          $60,700               100+%
June 9th           208 backers          $61,456               102%
June 10th           215 backers          $64,829              108%
June 11th           221 backers          $72,383              121%
June 12th           240 backers          $74,859             125%
June 13th           249 backers          $75,059             125%
June 14th           252 backers          $75,500             126%
Congratulations on a great campaign. We cannot wait for the website to be active!

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