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The feedback from teachers has been incredible to our top 10 twitter accounts for teachers that we have created a Connected Educators Page. Each Connected Educators has received a perfect score of 100 / 100 from tweet grader. For each account we have included the twitter name and the twitter profile.
A twitter profile is limited, so in the the upcoming weeks we will be listing interviews with some of the members on our list.
To share even more information about these incredible individuals and educational groups, we will be reaching out to members of our list to learn more about them. We hope you enjoy and we would love your feedback.

Connected Educator: Doug Peterson

twitter account @dougpete “Educator, Presenter & always on the look for something new to learn. http://www.dougpeterson.ca. Latest shares at: http://www.rebelmouse.com/dougpete Ontario, Canada · http://dougpete.wordpress.com

What is your current job or position?
I’ve always been influenced by computers and technology wherever I happen to be. Experiences would be in high school, then university, became a teacher of computer science, a teacher consultant/coordinator, acting manager of Information Technology for a school district and finally a session instructor at a university working with teacher candidates who want to teach with computers for a living.  I share my current learning through my blog and in presentations given to other educators.
What is your educational background?
I am a graduate of Central Huron Secondary School in Clinton, ON, earned a Bachelors of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo and a Bachelors of Education at the University of Toronto.
Describe your educational philosophy and educational vision?
I firmly believe that an educational system needs to provide the environment and resources so that all students can achieve and begin to pursue their passion.  It’s seldom that you find a student that can’t be supported in their learning with the appropriate use of technology.  The challenge for education lies in trying to come to grips with an ever-changing suite of tools, each possibly more effective than the last.
How do you grow and engage your professional learning network?
I’ve always felt that the best way to grow is to surround yourself and seek the guidance of smart people.  I’ve been so fortunate to learn with the best.  Going online has opened a whole new world of possibilities.  I like to think that I grow today with interactions with others on Twitter, reading blogs, and educational articles and research from all corners of the earth.  Learning online is not a passive activity and engaging in conversation is important.  More importantly, giving back through original thoughts or shared readings keeps the learning active.
If you blog, what is the focus of it?
When I started to blog, it was so difficult.  I had determined that it would be devoted solely to educational technology and vision.  Blogging became a chore and I felt that I needed to take a break and recharge periodically.  Eventually, I dropped back, surveyed the landscape and decided to give myself license to blog about anything that struck me as blogworthy.  It was the best decision I ever made.  While the focus of my blog still remains around educational technology, you might find me reviewing a website or talking about Formula 1 racing.
What advice in general do you have to teachers today?
Teaching is the toughest job you’ll ever love.  You’ll bang your head on the wall trying to find some way to reach every student; you’ll read about what a crappy job you’re doing in the news; you’ll have district initiatives that can seemingly change at a moment’s notice; you’ll break up fights; you’ll be trapped in an overheated room with sweaty teenagers; you’ll have technology that should have been retired years ago and you’ll do your best to make it work; you’ll miss social events with your family because report cards are due; you’ll take marking to the arena to do while your son plays hockey; you’ll spend your extra time coaching or running school clubs; you’ll take personal money to buy essential resources for your classroom.  And yet, at the end of the school year, you’ll be introduced to parents as the best teacher ever and that is the greatest feeling in the world.  Experience it all and continue to grow professionally and you’ll be the best all round teacher that you can be.