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Divstrong Productions has been a great help enhancing our My Town Tutors website. We are so pleased with all of our recent updates!
Prior to working with Divstrong Productions, our website had many logistical nightmares. For example, when a teacher failed to upload a photograph, a question mark appeared in the tutor profile where the picture was supposed to be. It looked bad, and we felt that the question mark was a huge drawback because it created a feeling uncertainty with our visitors.
Divstrong Productions analyzed our problem and came up with a great solution. Now, if a teacher does not have time to or forgets to upload a photo, a default image is in place. The default images has our twitter address @mytowntutors. Since twitter is our primary form of  communication, visitors to our website will be more likely to connect with us via twitter.
We are so happy to be working with a creative team that can find quick, easy solutions to help improve the overall quality of our site. Divstrong Productions is so attentive to our needs, has great customer service, and allows us to work within our limited budget.
If you ever need help with your website design, we highly recommend that you visit Divstrong Productions. They are very professional and so easy to work with.
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