My Town Tutors, a website that connects parents with teachers who tutor, is working with Divstrong Productions to enhance the teacher profile page to help a parent or guidance counselor make a more informed decision when selecting a tutor.
Below is a brief explanation of these features. We are very proud of the “Tutor Location” option. This feature was inspired by feedback from our teachers. It allows for so much more flexibility for the teacher.
1. Tutor Location – This was the most desired update to My Town Tutors. A teacher now has the opportunity to select a tutor location other than their school. So a student has the opportunity and flexibility to work with a teacher from another school system.
For example, if a teacher works in Quincy and lives in Marshfield, the tutor location can be either town. One teacher may prefer to tutor in Quincy, while another prefers Marshfield. We also allow teachers to select both locations if they are interested. We are glad to provide this flexibility for parents and teachers.
2. Teaching School – This information is the most important information on our profile page because it lets us and more importantly, parents, know that the tutor we list is a teacher. One of the first steps a teacher completes in the QUICK registration process is the school of employment.
Our service is based on a fundamental belief that “Teachers are great tutors!” We verify that each person in our directory is a teacher or has been a teacher. We do not list college students or student teachers. Each individual in our directory is a teacher.
3. Education – Our teacher’s fill out their educational background so you can see the college and graduate degrees. Many of our teachers have advanced degrees. This information is also listed here.
4. More About… A teacher has the opportunity to explain in detail “more about” themselves. Teachers can explain experience, special skills, and other information that they feel would be useful.
5. Request Availabilty – This is the most important information needed to schedule an appointment. Parents fill out information that allows the tutor to contact them directly to schedule an appointment.
We hope the information on the teacher profile page is useful and presented in a clear, user-friendly way. We are still testing out a few features that we hope to have completed by the end of the month.
We would love to hear your feedback. Divstrong Productions has been incredible and we add any features that will improve the quality of the My Town Tutors website.
If you have any feedback, please email