My Town Tutors is currently reflecting on who our #1st52 twitter accounts would be if we were to start all over. Before we do, we would like to give a special thanks to DivStrong for making this all possible. They have designed our website, added great features, and have worked closely with us to develop our twitter marketing strategy. They are the BEST!
We have written some guest blogs about some of the great work DivStrong has done for us. You can click on to learn more. Some of these blogs are included in 10 reasons @divstrong is our #1 twitter account to follow in Massachusetts.

  1. DivStrong is capable of handling extremely complex web designs. Our site is very complicated with so many features. We know very little about computers. We drew out our web design with a pencil and paper. They turned our ideas into a great user-friendly website that is capable of expanding as we grow.
  2. DivStrong worked within our budget. As a start-up company, Divstrong allowed us to work on a few tasks at a time. Working with DivStrong is certainly the best bang for your buck. When we reached out to others who have worked with DivStrong, we only met satisfied customers. We cannot say enough about the quality of the work.
  3. DivStrong can handle a crisis quickly and effectively. Several times we have had some challenges (created by us) that needed to be addressed quickly (some on the weekend). They were always quick to respond to our questions and came up with creative solutions that work.
  4. DivStrong taught us how to effectively write a blog. We can now, easily, efficiently, and effectively share information with our followers. DivStrong shared their knowledge and expertise, instructing us on how to use wordpress and use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that are critical to drawing traffic and revenue to our site.
  5. DivStrong taught us how to effectively create a new page, like our Twitter Tips page. Being able to create pages quickly and easily is AMAZING. For example, we just created a Massachusetts resource page all by ourselves. This page is going to be a huge draw for a very specific audience. We know Massachusetts and will be adding information regularly. The creation of this page also has resulted in additional income. We have entered into a long-term advertisement agreement that will continue to create revenue that will help us reach our goals.
  6. DivStrong has created a site that is so user-friendly for us, we can manage most or our updates internally. We have the ability to make changes instantly. This is important for so many of our pages that we update weekly. We also have benefited immensely from our guest blogs. An idea that originated with Jim Doyle. He helped us come with a strategy. He laid out a plan to connect with “thought leaders.” Jim advised us on how to edit the content to best meet our needs. Now we connect with so many great parents, educators, and others who are excited to share their knowledge with our audience. We even have a wait-list for people to write a guest blog for us. All of this would not have been possible without the help of Jim and his DivStrong team Check out our top 50 guest blogs for the 2012-2013 school year.
  7. Divstrong Productions Has a Great Answer to Our Question (marks)!
  8. Divstrong LLC adds an amazing “tutor location” feature for My Town Tutors!
  9. Divstrong Productions LLC makes it easy to add a school for My Town Tutors!
  10. Jim Doyle, our contact person is GREAT!

DivStrong is a great web design company. We are so pleased to have been referred to them by people we trust. We love working with Jim Doyle. He really spent the time to understand our company, our mission, and our goals.
DivStrong created to most user-friendly website for teachers, parents, and for us as administrators. I cannot say enough about this company. Even though they are not a huge presence on twitter yet, they were the obvious choice for our #1 twitter account to follow.
Stay tuned as we announce the first twitter account that we will follow.
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