What better way to celebrate March Madness than with Dick Vitale!
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All-Alcatraz Team: players expected to have breakout seasons

All-Airport Team: players who look good in airports but get no playing time
All-AT&T Team: long-distance bombers
All-Avis Team: players who try harder
All-Diaper Dandies Team: top freshman players
All-Frank Lloyd Wright Team: coaches who are master architects building a program
All-Innovative Team: great point guards
All-Marco Polo Team: best transfer players
All-Michelangelo Team: coaches who are brilliant artists at work
All-Overrated Team: players who have been built up as stars but don’t deliver
All-Potential Team: players who need to start living up to the billing they received in high school
All-Rip Van Winkle Team: players who are sleepers
All-Rolls Royce Team: superstars at their positions
All-Solid Gold Preseason Team: the five best players by position
All-SportsCenter Team: coaches who need PR
All-Used Car Salesman Team: coaches who are good salesman
All-Volkswagen Team: players who aren’t superstars but are dependable
All-Wacko Team: coaches who display unorthodox methods and styles
All-Windex Team: players who clean the glass (i.e., great rebounders)
All-World B. Free Team: players with the best names