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With Autism being on the rise, (1 out of every 50 families are diagnosed) it is important to share information and experiences. Caregivers need to know they are not alone in this journey. Community understanding and support is so critical, that is why we present real families to associate with Autism. Through I will be hosting the movie  “The United States of Autism.”  In this documentary a father travels 11,000 mile in 40 days  across America featuring 21 families and individuals affected by autism.
You can watch a preview of this documentary:
Support Uniting Autism efforts by reserving a ticket for the movie on 6/13/13 by clicking on the link: . There is a minimum of 67 people, however we are hoping to sell it out. Please reserve a ticket to join us (and share this blog with others). You can make this a date night, movie night with the family etc. Please share with your friends and family. I believe we will pack the house.
Uniting Autism Goals
1. Raise Awareness
2. Create Action and change
3. Create Unity within the Autism community.
So reserve your tickets make it a fun movie night!!!!!