@mytowntutorsNY is the Social Media branch of My Town Tutors, a website that makes it easy for parents to connect with local teachers who tutor. Craig is our Social Media guru. Follow him for tips on how to use social media to expand your business and spread your message to a greater number of people!
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Using Social Media can be a complicated and overwhelming task when first starting to use it. My Town Tutors focuses on using twitter to connect with others. Over the years we have made many, many mistakes, but we also learned from these mistakes. Today, we are much more effective and efficient using twitter.

  1. Create Great Content: Once it has been decided twitter is a social media platform that can help you or your company, you have to determine what content you will share. My Town Tutors shares top twitter accounts for teachers, family jokes, math jokes, and many inspirational quotes. We do this in the hopes of attracting teachers who tutor and parents who are looking to connect with teachers who tutor!
  2. Communication: Twitter is also our primary tool for communication. We answer questions, recruit tutors, connect with parents, and encourage others to write guest blogs for us so we can share their expertise.
  3. Compliment and …: We choose to focus on the positive, so we try to compliment companies that a great resources for parents and teachers. Positive quotes are more likely to be retweeted compliment our service.
  4. Compliment: We also like to find businesses and accounts that compliment our services of being a top tutoring directory for US parents! Companies like resources, like Gladly Do, Exam Elf, and IPractice Math have great ideas and missions, and we will share these resources with others.
  5. Connect: Our main goal is to make it easy for parents to find a local teacher who tutors. We also want to help teachers make some great money tutoring. We are always looking for page sponsors who want to use their marketing money to reach a targeted audience.

For additional ideas, check out a case study: The Massachusetts Social Media Makeover Miracle.