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Top 100 Teachers on TwitterTop Education Blogs
We have some great blogs for teachers

Current list of top teachers using social media by state!
To celebrate Connected Educators Month, we are listing the top educators by state. We are listing one state per week. We started in September 2014.
The educators are listed by number of followers.

  1. @Edudemic (113,000 followers) A dedicated community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning. Cambridge, MA ·
  2. @hgse (69,000 followers) The official Twitter feed of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Appian Way, Cambridge, Mass ·
  3. @alfiekohn (45,100 followers) author and lecturer on topics in education, parenting, and human behavior Boston area ·
  4. @patrickmlarkin (33,300 followers) Burlington Schools (MA) Asst. Supt. NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner (2012), Passionate about creating a more relevant education for our students. Burlington, MA · Blog: Patrick Larkin is Perfect for Massachusetts Teachers
  5. @scratchteam (17,100 followers) Programming environment & online community where kids create, share and remix animations & video games. Created by @llkgroup at @medialab. Cambridge, MA, USA ·
  6. @theteacherpage (15,600 followers) Quality Resources for Teachers! Comments and Suggestions Welcome! @robertwhughes. Halifax, MA ·
  7. @dancallahan (14,300 followers) Instructional Technology Specialist K-5 @PineGlenLTC with 1:1 iPads, #edcamp Foundation Chairman and Co-founder, @AntiochNewEng Professor on #teamnextgen. Burlington, MA ·
  8. @BPLBoston (14,300 followers) A library built by the people and dedicated to the advancement of learning. Free to all. Copley Square in Boston, MA · Visit the Boston Public Library!
  9. @peterhreynolds (13,600 followers) FableVision founder, Author/Illustrator: The Dot, Ish, The North Star, illus. Judy Moody. Creativity Advocate. Owner of book & toy store The Blue Bunny. Twin. Boston · of the Week, Celebrate International Dot Day with Peter H. Reynolds!
  10. @EdTechTeacher21 (11,100 followers) EdTechTeacher helps teachers, schools, and school leaders develop 21st century learning environments. Chestnut Hill, MA ·
  11. @deborahgist (10,100 followers) A teacher who happens to be Commissioner of Education for the state of Rhode Island.
  12. @MassEducation (8,975 followers) Official Twitter account of Massachusetts Secretary of Education Matt Malone and his staff. Boston, Massachusetts ·
  13. @MassDCR (7,550 followers) MassDCR is the official twitter account of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Tweets ending in JM are by Commissioner Jack Murray.
  14. @mytowntutors (7,500 followers) Teachers are GREAT tutors! We connect parents with local teachers who tutor. Teachers keep 100% of fees. FREE to search. Boston, Massachusetts & USA · Blog: Massachusetts Teachers are Great Tutors!
  15. @thomasdaccord (6,780 followers) Director of EdTechTeacher. Former HS teacher. My mission is to help teachers use technology to create active, student-centered learning communities. Boston ·
  16. @massteacher (6,700 followers) Massachusetts Teachers Association. Boston, Mass. · Blog: MTA is Great for Massachusetts Teachers
  17. @andycinek (6,002 followers) Be kind. Share. And remember that what we do is not about us, but for the students we teach Boston, MA ·
  18. @GlobeEducation (4,950 followers) News about K-12 and Higher Education in Massachusetts from the Boston Globe. Boston, MA ·
  19. @SimplySuzy (4,750 followers) ♥ my @ThirdGraders! Educatalyst, Lafora Disease Assailant, iEnthusiast, FableVision Ambassador, DENStar, MASCD Board, Shutterbug, MassCUE Pathfinder, Girl Scout. Cape Cod Canal · @SimplySuzy: Simply Amazing for Massachusetts Teachers!
  20. @BurkheadBill (4,400 followers) Proud father of 2 wonderful children, husband to an amazing educator, Principal of Normandin Middle School in New Bedford, MA, Co-Facilitator #Edfocuschat Chats G Guest Blog: All Kids Can Succeed Be the “1″, Educator of the Week Profile
  21. @MyTownTutorsMA (4,151 followers) We help #Massachusetts#parents connect with local #teachers who #tutor.Teachers are great tutors! Founded by a teacher for teachers! Massachusetts ·
  22. @MITK12STEM (3,972 followers) MIT Alumni impacting K-12 STEM on campus and in their hometown. Cambridge, Massachusetts ·…
  23. @ncarroll24 (3,200 follower) A wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, colleague & 4th Gr. teacher. Co-Moderator of #4thchat. Looking to learn about and share resources for school. Massachusetts · teachingiselementary.blogspot.comEducator of the Week, 4th Grade Teachers Connect Via Twitter
  24. @AngelaCristiani (2,900) Political Director ~ @BTU66. School Psychologist. Ballet. Arts. #NPT. Life’s dance requires great shoes! RTs ≠ endorsements. Views expressed are my own. Massachusetts · Blog: Angela Cristiani is Awesome for Boston Educators Awesome for Boston Educators
  25. @ShawnCRubin (2,890 followers) Focused on #edtech integration & #blendedlearning. Running PD @highlanderinst & building mobile #formativeassessment apps @MyMetryx w/ #EdtechRI#EdUnderground Providence, RI
  26. @karen_brennan (2,421 followers) Assistant Professor of Education at Harvard University. Work focuses on designing social and technical infrastructure to support computational creators. Cambridge, MA ·…
  27. @Akee123 (2,250 followers) elementary school principal in Massachusetts, as well as a lifelong learner. Massachusetts ·
  28. @runningdmc (2,148 followers) Laughing, learning, running, and saving the world, one student at a time. Follow me for: education, sustainability, and all things green.Rhode Island
  29. @stemnetwork (2,163 followers) A STEM teacher and ed tech enthusiast trying to organize the best STEM resources on twitter as a part of his PLN. Twitter guy at GEF! Views are my own. Stamford, CT ·
  30. @jonathanpelto (2,133 followers) Blogger (Wait, What?), Advocate Journalist, Pro-Public Education fighter, communications strategist, political and policy activist CT ·
  31. @ProfSusanG (2,050 followers) I am an educator, experienced mentor, proponent of personal and professional growth, and a firm believer in lifelong learning! Loudon, New Hampshire
  32. @EGHSPrincipalRI (1,975 followers) Principal of East Greenwich High School 02818. Looking to share and implement new ideas in education to empower students, educators & school communities. East Greenwich Rhode Island
  33. @LearnLaunch (1,950 followers) LearnLaunch aims to increase learning by providing support for the creation and growth of education technology and learning companies in New England. Boston, MA ·
  34. @PFToner (1,775 followers) Middle School Social Studies Teacher, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association and Candidate for NEA Executive Committee. Cambridge, Massachusetts ·
  35. @WillyB (1,768 followers) I teach. I learn. I love. EdCampCT co-organizer. Science teacher who’s down with the Modeling Instruction & SBG.
  36. @ClareandTammy (1,750 followers) Teachers, Literacy, Staff Developers, Choice Literacy Contributors, Assessment in Perspective Authors- Stenhouse. Boston ·
  37. @PC_RI (1,800 followers) Government Relations Director of NEARI, the largest union in #RhodeIsland but tweets are my own. #RI#Union#Politics#1u Rebel Base, Saylesville, RI
  38. @SPSSuper (1,593 followers) Superintendent of Schools. Stamford, CT
  39. @RichDrolet (1,475 followers) middle school principal, father, coach, love sports and music. Rhode Island/Massachusetts
  40. @MassBioEd (1,235 followers) Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd) is a non-profit charitable organization committed to supporting #STEM through roots in biotech. Cambridge, MA ·
  41. @ceanews (1,230 followers) CEA is the largest advocate for public education in Connecticut. Our 43,000 members include K-12 public school teachers, retired teachers & college students. Hartford, CT.
  42. @NeagSchool (1,218 followers) Neag School of Education @ UConn prepares educators, educational leaders, and sport management professionals, whose mission is to make a difference.
  43. @WGBH_edu (1,135 followers) A leader in free media-based resources for teachers and students, we’re committed to promoting STEM initiatives & to supporting Massachusetts educators. Boston, MA ·
  44. @TechGoesHome (1,100 followers) We help people use the Internet to improve their lives via training, access, and hardware! Connect with us on FB at . Boston, MA ·
  45. @masscue (1,071 followers) Massachusetts Computer Using Educators – Connecting Educators for the Commonwealth!
  46. @MASCD (1,056 followers) Promoting quality teaching and learning in Massachusetts by fostering instructional and curriculum leadership. Massachusetts ·
  47. @AFTCT (1,001 followers) AFT Connecticut is a #union of more than 29,000 professionals in PreK-12 education, higher education, healthcare and municipal and state government. Connecticut ·
  48. @NEARI_Politics (871followers) the political feed for National Education Association Rhode Island.
  49. @mikeheth (859 followers) Dad, husband, math teacher (Grade 8 – Algebra 1), dog-lover, ex-engineer, who enjoys travel, music, history, technology, baseball and Springsteen. South Glastonbury, CT
  50. @MassPTA (846 followers) By the parent. With the parent. For the parent. All for children. Non-partisan/Non-sectarian. Like us on fb: Massachusetts PTA
  51. @angiecmiller74 (841 followers) 7-12 School Librarian. Writer. Public speaker. 2011 NH Teacher of the Year. TED speaker. Owner of goats. Mother. Wife. Not necessarily in that order. New Hampshire.
  52. @HS_QuizShow (814 followers) WGBH’s fast-paced quiz show for MA high schoolers. New episodes every Saturday at 6pm on WGBH 2! #hsquizshow Boston, MA ·
  53. @teachplusMA (700 followers) @TeachPlus Greater Boston, Network Coordinator #teachplusboston. Boston, Massachusetts
  54. @sowma (675 followers) Our goal is to educate children impacted by homelessness by providing academic support and one-on-one mentoring so children can reach their full potential. Brockton, MA ·
  55. @MassScienceFair (655 followers) Advancing STEM education and increasing participation in inquiry-based learning through the development of science and engineering projects by students. Massachusetts ·
  56. @TFAConnecticut (560 followers) One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.
  57. @Teachers21 (470 followers) NFP thought and action partners in developing leadership and learning cultures where all educators embrace constant learning and continuous improvement. Wellesley, MA ·
  58. @SeekonkAP_Jones (360 followers) I am currently the Assistant Principal of Seekonk High School. Seekonk, Massachusetts · Blog: Blogging for the Purpose of Education…Who Benefits?
  59. @NEARhodeIsland (275 followers) Remarkable blend of union and professional organization, with a proud history of serving Rhode Island. Since 1845.
  60. @BHS__SC (192 followers) Check out the blog for more information about the student council and school wide events. Guest Blog: Burlington High School: 21st Century Student Council