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  1. @AngelaMaiers (106,500 followers) Post: Angela Maiers: Educator of the Week
  2. @WeAreTeachers (105,600 followers)
  3. @NEAToday (86,700 followers)
  4. @coolcatteacher (68,900 followers) Post: Vicki Davis: Educator of the Week
  5. @NMHS_Principal (54,200 followers)
  6. @ShellTerrell (46,700 followers)
  7. @tomwhitby (42,200 followers) Guest Blog: What Makes an Education Thought Leader?
  8. @cybraryman1 (38,500 followers) Guest Blog: Teachers, Follow that Hashtag!
  9. @rweingarten (30,700 followers)
  10. @shannonmmiller (28,400 followers) Post: 4 Reasons @ShannonMMiller is Tops for Teachers
  11. @patrickmlarkin (27,500 followers) Blog: Patrick Larkin is Perfect for Teachers
  12. @LAFund (25,000 followers) Guest Blog: The LA Fund & Facing History and Ourselves Combat Bullying
  13. @principalspage (14,500 followers) Post: Michael Smith: Educator of the Week
  14. @TeacherSabrina (6,950 followers)
  15. @mytowntutors (6,000 followers) Post: Teachers are Great Tutors!

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