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Writing an essay for college can be stressful, especially if you are not an expert essay writer, used to being asked to write papers of this length and complexity in high school or if you have never written an essay before at all. But don’t worry, you aren’t alone! The majority of college students feel overwhelmed by the prospect of writing their first big paper and many of them don’t really know where to start or what they should do to make it go as smoothly as possible.

1) Order a professional paper

These days, there are lots of companies that offer academic writing services. This means that you can order a professional paper without having to worry about the quality. All you need to do is provide the company with your essay requirements and they will take care of the rest. For example, if you want a five-page essay on The Great Gatsby, then just tell them what subject matter you want an expert opinion on.

2) Write an introduction

The college essay is often the most daunting part of the college application process. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to writing a great college essay in no time. 1) What’s the story? 2) Who are you? 3) Why do you want to go there? 4) How will this experience change you? 5) What makes you stand out from other applicants? 6) Don’t forget to proofread! With those tips in mind, go ahead and get started on that college essay now without Grade Miners!

3) Choose your topic wisely

The first step to writing a great college essay is choosing the right topic. Don’t write about something you don’t care about, because it will show in your writing. Choose something that’s important to you, and make sure you’re passionate about it.

4) Stay organized

One step to writing a great college essay is to stay organized. This means having a clear idea of what you want to say before you start writing. Keep your essay focused on one main topic, and make sure you include all the important information in your essay. When you’re finished, proofread your essay to make sure it’s error-free. It may seem like a lot of work now, but when it comes time to actually write the essay, everything will go smoothly! 

Keep in mind that writing doesn’t have to be perfect from the beginning. As long as you stay organized throughout your process, everything will come together smoothly!

5) How to write a good essay – the body

The body of your essay is where you make your argument and support your thesis. To write a strong body, start by coming up with a topic sentence for each paragraph that supports your thesis. Then, provide evidence in the form of facts, statistics, or quotes to back up your claim. Finally, conclude each paragraph with a sentence that ties everything back to your thesis.

6) When you are done – proofread it twice

Editing and proofreading your essay is essential if you want to submit a high-quality piece of writing. Before looking for the Top 7 Decent Essay Writing Services to Use in 2022, follow these simple steps to make sure your essay is well-written and error-free. Read your essay out loud. This will help you catch any errors or awkward phrasing. Give yourself time between drafts. After you finish a draft, put it away for a day or two before coming back to it with fresh eyes.

7) Add some spice with images and videos

Adding images and videos to your college essay can help make it more engaging and interesting for the reader. Plus, it can also help you communicate your message more effectively.  Here are some ways that you can use video or pictures in your essay: *Add a video of yourself answering a question about the topic on video. *Highlight an important point by using an image from another source. For example, if there’s a photo of you at your favorite spot, use that as a way to show why this place is so special to you.


Jared Houdi is one of the Grademiner’s team finest! If there’s anyone who won’t sleep and eat until a customer’s essay is done, that will be Jared hands down. Some say that there’s no such assignment Jared can’t pull off. A simple 5-paragraph essay or a complex 50-page course work, our man Jared Houdi will meet the deadline no matter what.