Executive Functioning Expertise

November 5,  7-8:30PM
Paul Pratt Library, Cohasset

Thinking Outside the Classroom with Jackie Stachel
Executive Function: What is it? How does it affect school and daily living? How can we help our children?

This Executive function training for families and educators,

piggy-backs the professional development all Cohasset staff received October 11.

Come learn more about what your children’s teachers are learning.

(1 1/2 hours learning credits will be given to nursery school teachers.)

What sets the stage for overcoming executive function difficulties? How do we foster growth and change? This presentation will address both the mindset and the specific tools that lead to progress in students with executive function challenges. The goal of this presentation is to help parents become more effective at helping their children develop autonomy and ownership of their academic performance.
FREE workshop- Students, parents, grandparents, teachers welcome from all communities.

Come early & gather with refreshments

7:00 – 8:30P Speaker
8:30-9PM Open Forum discussions
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11/9, Thanksgiving at HOPE
11/9 & 11/23, Overnight Respite – free through generosity of Raphael Catro and his wife Lisa Vasallo Castro.
11/10, Family Dinner at Dogwatch
11/16, Parent’s Comedy Night Out- for the Benefit of Founding a South Shore School
11/16, Peter and the Wolf
12/7, Scituate North Pole Express!
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11/9 & 10, Pandas/PANS Conference
11/12, IEPs and 504s – What’s the difference??
11/12 6 weeks, Does your grandchild have Social Challenges?
11/13, Fewer Meltdowns! Fostering Positive Behavior
11/14, Mass Rehab. Got questions?
11/15, The ABCD’s of Language Based Learning Disabilities
11/16, Making things Possible, conference at Cotting School
11/18, Help! My kids are Driving me nuts!
11/19, Sexting, Texting and Social Media; Drinking, Drugs… What’s a Parent to do?